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Elite Personal Line Program

In 2014 and 2015 YTD, the insurance marketplace for High Income Clients has shrunk due to mergers and purchases. A shrinking viable market for our High Income Clients has only meant a stricter attention to a real Risk Management plan that includes keeping up with your complex coverage needs as well as updates on this ever changing marketplace.

There is a difference between "Regular Insurance" and "Chubb-Like Insurance". One example of this is how Chubb settles claims.

If you know anyone that has had a Chubb claim, you already know. Take a moment and watch this video.

We offer coverage for:

  • Custom or Historic Homes

  • Jewelry - Vaulted or Non-Vaulted Domestic and International

  • Personal Air Craft - Jet or Prop

  • Personal Yacht or Boats

  • Full Replacement Cost Auto Insurance

  • Antique or Custom Vehicle Insurance

  • Personal Umbrella Coverage up to $100,000,000

Have a Chubb Personal Policy already, or a Chubb like policy? Let Vetare Insurance & Consulting Services review it with you.

Our educative approach to your personal risk will not only uncover possible gaps in your current policy, it will also show you

how to save on premiums with a few changes to your current policy. You will come away with a better understanding of your

coverage as well as a 3 to 5 year game plan to stay on top of your personal risk.


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