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Consulting Services

Insurance Consulting... This means many things to many people. Many insurance professionals have over used this word resulting in the word "Salesperson" automatically coming to mind. Well, we do not "Sell" at Vetare Insurance, we educate. We believe that an educated buyer, is a loyal buyer.


Our consulting business at Vetare Insurance is very unique in the Tri-State area. This service is a fee-for-service or pay-for-performance service. The first phase of this service is designed to educate our clients on their existing insurance program. The second phase is to implement a Risk Management Plan customized to your business, employees and culture. By engaging in phase one, your business will benefit from an unbiased, diagnostic report on your current insurance program. You will become more educated on what you've purchased, how it impacts your business, if you purchased what you thought and if the program Carrier is right for your risk. The second phase consists of a Risk Management plan that will not only hold your losses to a minimum, but will also hold the line on your insurance costs moving forward. This is how 64% of our Clients have seen their insurance rates stay the same or go down over the last few years.


One other Consulting service offered is assisting in "Shopping" your insurance. Sometimes, when you do this on your own, it becomes a free-for-all in the insurance marketplace. Brokers stumble over each other with the few carriers with an appetite for your risk, different coverage quoted at the time of presentation and promises that will be forgotten, therefore left unfulfilled. We make sure none of this happens to you and your business.


Vetare Insurance has only your interest during all phases of our services. We will leave your business better educated, informed and on path of owning your insurance future.