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Insurance Services

Is your business ready for the current buying condition in the Insurance Marketplace?


Have you been educated by your current Broker on what the conditions are?


As a Mid-Sized, boutique insurance firm, our primary focus is our select clients. As your policy year unfolds, we will be working with you to change and manage your risk in a proactive way, a way that you and your business have not experienced before. This innovative and unique approach will educate you and your employees on how insurance impacts your bottom line.


Our agency has a strategic alliance with a National Insurance Buying Network that gives us buying power in excess of $2.5 Billion Dollars. We utilize this affiliation, as well as our own professional relationships, with carefully selected insurance carriers that enable us to determine the best fit for you and your business needs. We are committed to aligning you with the proper coverage, affordable rates & attentive 24/7/365 support. Our Risk Management plans will not only help to educate you and your employees, it will also hold the line on your insurance costs; moving forward.


Our approach has provided real results. Since 2012, 64% of our commercial insurance clients have seen their rates stay the same. The other 36% only realized a less than 6% increase in their rates. This represents results far better than our industry standards.


We specialize in Waste Management, New Car Dealerships, Law Firms, IT Companies, Restaurants, Contractors, Wholesalers, Manufacturing and Professional Office Exposure risks. In our personal insurance department, we offer an Elite Personal Insurance Program as well as a regular Personal Insurance Program with service and education like you’ve never experienced.


We also offer a very unique program, Insurance Consulting Services. This is yet another innovative approach to your insurance needs, brought to you by, Vetare Insurance & Consulting Services, Ltd.


Where do we begin?

Our innovative programs consist of a 3 to 5 year plan. Each year you will have a full and complete understanding of where you are heading with your insurance coverage, risk management and pricing. Because the insurance industry is so complicated and diverse, it will take us 3 to 5 years to educate, guide and revamp your risk to make it more appealing to multiple insurance carriers. After we have completed our first 3 years together, you will have a much better understanding of the insurance marketplace and how to manage your insurance program going forward. Sound strange? Too good to be true? We will give you references so you can speak with our current clients directly, one-on-one. Did your last insurance buying process sound anything like this? We think not.


The cost of your insurance?

Have you noticed we have not discussed any pricing here? We have not promised to save you 20% in 20 minutes, correct? Sometimes price is not the answer. Did you know that shopping your insurance every year is a critical business mistake? Would you like to know why? Hire us and start to take control of your insurance today!